Article I: Name and Purpose
1.This society shall be called ‘philoSOPHIA: a feminist society.’
2.The purpose of this society shall be to promote continental feminist scholarly and pedagogical development. In addition, this society shall be committed to civic and community engagement. For the purposes of this society, continental feminist philosophy shall be construed broadly to include feminist work on major figures and themes from the continental philosophical tradition, as well as feminist work inspired by continental philosophy more generally. This society is constituted exclusively for educational and scientific purposes as defined by section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 of the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.

Article II: Membership
Membership shall be open to persons committed to feminist continental research and activities from any geographic region. This includes university faculty and students, as well as unaffiliated scholars and researchers.

Article III: Executive Committee
1.The Executive Committee shall be composed of two elected Executive Directors (EDs) and an elected Program Committee of no less than six members and no more than ten members, including the Executive Directors and the Local Organizers of the annual conference.
2.The Executive Directors shall have the authority and responsibility for the administrative and financial functioning of the society. 
3.The Program Committee shall oversee program development for official meeting(s), including the annual conference and satellite sessions at other conferences
4.The Executive Committee as a whole shall appoint positions and committees as necessary, including the Web Editor(s) and Journal Editor(s), each of whom shall serve three year terms, with the possibility of consecutive terms of appointment.
5.Executive Directors shall serve staggered terms of three years. The first year, one ED shall be elected to a one- or two- year position, dependent upon the EDs’ agreement. Other Committee Members shall serve one year terms. All Executive Committee Members are eligible for consecutive terms.
6.Executive Committee Members shall be nominated by the Advisory Board and elected by a simple majority vote of Advisory Board Members present at the annual meeting. Electronic nominations and votes may be accepted by an email to the EDs.

Article IV: Advisory Board
1.The first Advisory Board shall be composed primarily of the members of the original founding meeting.
2.Advisory Board membership requires regular attendance at annual meetings. In the event that an Advisory Board Member misses two consecutive years, s/he must express to the ED(s) her/his intent to remain on the Board.
3.Advisory Board membership will be limited to ten years.
4.The Advisory Board shall have the authority and responsibility to nominate and elect the Executive Directors and Executive Committee.
5.Eligibility for Advisory Board membership shall be dependent upon prior or present membership on the Executive Committee. New Advisory Board members shall be elected according to a simple majority vote of the Advisory Board present at the annual meeting. Electronic nominations and votes may be accepted by an email to the EDs.

Article V: Approval and Amendments of the Constitution
By-laws must be approved or amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Advisory Board at the annual meeting. Proposed amendments/additions to the by-laws must be announced at least thirty days in advance. Electronic votes may be accepted by an email to the EDs.